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CS 302: AP Computer Science A

计算机科学 Java

Java is a high-level, object-oriented programming language that can power billions of devices worldwide. Java runs in a virtual machine, which means that code written in Java is compatible with essentially every device. This portability, combined with its reliability, security, and speed, makes Java one of the most popular and versatile programming languages for every program.

Java 是一种高级面向对象编程语言,已被全球数十亿设备使用。Java 在虚拟机中运行,这意味着使用 Java 编写的代码可以在几乎任何设备中运行。 这种可移植性与其可靠性,安全性和速度结合,使 Java 成为各种程序最流行,用途最广泛的编程语言之一。

Java is a great entry point for any developer. It is used for a large variety of projects, including but not limited to: software development, game development, mobile applications, website development, and large system development. With the increasing reliance on the internet, almost every career you are interested in will involve computer science in their business solutions.

Java 对于任何开发人员都是一个很好的切入点。它可以用于多种项目,包括但不限于:软件开发,游戏开发,手机应用程序开发,网站开发和大型系统开发。

This class is based off of United State’s AP Computer Science A curriculum, but takes it a step further to teach students practical applications of Java. This 1 to 1 class is targeted at anyone with basic knowledge of Algebra but will be especially beneficial to 9-12th graders since it also prepares them for the AP CSA exam. If your child has not yet taken algebra but explicitly expresses interest in programming, we may offer complimentary math lessons, this will add to the total class time. If you are planning on taking the AP CSA exam, we also offer simulated tests and reviews.

这个课程是根据美国高中级别的 AP Computer Science A 课程打造的,并进一步教导学生 Java 的实用性。这项一对一课程适合拥有代数基础的学生,但如果学生表示对编程很有兴趣,我们可以同时提供对应的数学辅导。如果学生准备考 AP CSA 的 AP 测试,我们可以同时提供模拟测试。

Course Description: AP Computer Science A

Grade Level: Grade 9+

Format: Online, 1-to-1 tutoring

Duration: 120 Hours

Prerequisites: CS 301 (Computer Science Principles) or equivalent knowledge

Requirements: Device with access to the internet, camera, and microphone

Notes: Students will be required to download and set up a Java IDE Environment in class if one is not present